Pike Road Schools Proposes Property Tax Increase for Capital Improvements, Including New High School

Os0mlbyt 400x400The Pike Road Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution last month proposing the levy of an additional property tax within the city limits.

System officials say the proposed public school property tax would provide for the finance of capital improvements to public educational facilities, including the construction of a new high school. The proposed new high school would allow the current Georgia Washington campus to serve solely as a junior high school facility.

“We are committed to long-term investments promoting success for our students. With our growing community, we seek to be proactive in planning to meet future facility needs. We are pleased to be a school system that is growing. However, with increasing numbers comes the need for additional public educational facilities. Considering our current growth rates and growth projections, additional public educational facilities for our students are vitally important,” said Superintendent Dr. Chuck Ledbetter.

School board president Ray Hawthorne said with the success of the area, it is an exciting time for students in the community.

“Because of the overwhelming and continued success of our academics, athletics, and performing arts endeavors, our school system and the Town of Pike Road continue to grow. The Pike Road School Board is committed to ensuring that we accommodate for our future growth and that we do so in a fiscally responsible way that is driven by data and responds to the needs of our schools. With growth comes the need for additional resources, including the construction of a new high school. Our School Board will continue to be responsible and transparent with the resources allocated to us by the State,” said Hawthorne.

The Pike Road Town Council said they appreciate the leadership of the school board and recently voted to support the recommended process.

“The Pike Road Schools Board of Education, administration, teachers and students are to be commended for the many accomplishments of the school system and its contributions to the community,” said Gordon Stone, Mayor of the Town of Pike Road. “Throughout the history of the Town, our people have come together to make decisions that have shaped our future. This represents another significant opportunity for their voices to be heard on an important issue.”

The proposed revenue increase still has some hurdles before reaching the Pike Road residents for a vote. It will have to go to the Montgomery County Commission for a public hearing and vote, then be approved by the Alabama Legislature. Once done, it will be voted on in a special election at a later date.


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