Governor Ivey Issues Statement on Wednesday Storms Across Alabama

Thunderstorms and tornadoes ripped through Alabama on Wednesday, March 17. Storms caused damage in multiple counties across the state.

Following the waves of tornadoes and severe weather, Governor Ivey has shared the following statement.

From Governor Kay Ivey: “Alabamians weathered tornadoes and significant thunderstorms yesterday into the early hours this morning. Like forecasts projected, we had a lot of spinning systems last night, but thankfully, a number of funnel clouds and swirling supercells with vortices did not extend to the ground. While tree and structure damage seems fairly widespread, I have received no reports of fatalities. I pray that remains the case as the assessment gets going. Overall, we have a lot to be grateful for, as it could have been much worse. Thank you to our weather experts, first responders and power crews. I am praying for all those that have been severely impacted and stand ready to assist in the recovery efforts.”

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