Vaccination Phase 1C Opens, Health Officials Say ‘Supply doesn’t meet Demand’

As of Monday, Alabama opens up vaccination eligibility to two million more Alabamians in Phase 1-C.

Dr. Karen Landers, ADPH, says currently the vaccine supply is less than the demand. Though, the process is still moving upward.

“Even during the week we had bad weather,” said Dr. Landers, “We’re continuing to give more and more vaccines each week…”

Some residents around the River Region who are waiting to receive the vaccine, believe the rollout isn’t going fast enough with a possible spike on the rise.

Others say, Alabamians need to be patient with the rollout and continue to follow CDC guidelines to keep the risk of spreading the disease low.

To find out if you are eligible, or what is included in Phase 1-c, click here.

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