What the Tech? App of the Day: StickMe Notes

Forty years ago, a product that would soon become a fixture in homes and offices around the world first went on sale. 3M’s Post-It Notes was the first time a product was developed that allowed you to stick the paper to something and then remove it without damaging whatever you attached it to.

For four decades people around the world have been using Post-It Notes and all of the copy-cat products to jot down recipes, notes, reminders, and grocery lists.

We’re in a digital age and you’d think there would be a sticky-note app you can do all of those things on a smartphone. Actually, there are several apps that do this.

StickMe Notes is a sticky notes app where you create digital sticky notes in a variety of ways. You can jot out a reminder by hand on the screen or tap it out using the keypad. You can also record audio notes and take photos and turn those into “sticky notes”.

All of the notes are displayed in categories that can be visible on a virtual wall. Each sticky-note icon looks exactly like a pen-and-paper sticky note right down to the pastel colors we’re all familiar with.

Notes can be shared with others over text message, social media, or email. If family members have the app, you can share the entire category or wall with them and they’ll have the ability to edit those notes or delete them.

StickMe Notes also says the latest update has a widget that allows you to take any note and turn it into a widget that goes on your home screen in iOS 14 and later. I couldn’t get this to work though as the widget never appeared in the widget area of my iPhone.

I found the StickMe Notes app is best for setting reminders and quick notes for myself. The audio recording is especially helpful for saving ideas when I can’t find pen and paper.

It’s good for saving phone numbers as well without creating a whole new contact in your phone.

The StickMe Notes app is free to download and there is a 7-day free trial. After that, you’ll need to subscribe for $11 for 6/months or $20 annually. There’s also a $2 subscription if you want to go month-to-month. Sadly, it’s only available for iPhones.

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