Alabama Legislators Approve Lifetime Concealed Carry Permits

The Alabama House of Representatives on Thursday approved a measure that will allow Alabama residents to purchase lifetime concealed carry pistol permits.

In addition, the bill also creates a database of people prohibited form carrying firearms.

Sponsors of the bill say it will help keep police safe while doing their jobs.

“Much like they get a flag now  from a sex offender they would get a simple flag is the person was on the prohibited firearms  persons list,” said Rep. Proncey Robertson.

During debate on the house floor, some representatives expressed concerns with background checks , citing pending criminal investigations, and mental health issues in people purchasing lifetime concealed carry permits.

Those who apply for and are approved for a lifetime concealed carry permit would be subject to background checks every five years, but if mental health deteriorates, or felony crimes are committed while having a lifetime permit, local sheriff offices will have the power to revoke the lifetime license.

“At the end of the day it comes down to very simple. Safety, safety, safety,” said Senator Randy Price.

The measure now heads to the Governors Office, where if signed it will become law.


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