Political Analyst Steve Flowers Shares his Thoughts about the Upcoming 2022 State Elections

Political Analyst Steve Flowers is awaiting campaign announcements.. just like the rest of us in Alabama.
For Senator Shelby’s seat, Flowers says the state doesn’t need someone who’s already retirement age, but someone much younger.

” You really need someone young to take senator Shelby’s seat because seniority is so important in Washington, that it is more than likely that its going to take someone 10 to 15 probably 20 years before they have any power. So if you send someone over 60 up there they are never going to have any seniority and they’re never going to have any real power.” -Flowers

Another question mark is the governor’s race. Governor Ivey hasn’t yet announced whether she wants another term. If she does, Flowers says things will look good for her.

” I think she will be a favorite, incumbent governor has a lot of advantages and she has good polling numbers so I would say she is a favorite maybe a prohibitive favorite but not a lock you know anything can happen.” -Flowers

Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth  could get into the governor’s race, but he’s already said if Ivey runs, he will not.

While the state has been under Republican control for years.. I asked Flowers about whether Democratic candidates can make a serious run for statewide office.

” I don’t know of a democrat can be a viable candidate in the race or not and i haven’t heard any names. There’s some great young superstars in the democratic party like Anthony Daniels from Huntsville and Chris England from Tuscaloosa they are great ideal young candidates, I think congress woman Terri Sewell is going to stay where she is.” -Flowers

Sewell has already said that she won’t run for Senator Shelby’s seat.
Two Republicans are in the race, Congressman Mo Brooks and Lynda Blanchard of Montgomery.
Opelika church pastor Dean Odle says he’s running for governor as a Republican.


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