Vaccination Clinic & Food Giveaway Held Together in Linden

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Three non-profit organizations get together in Marengo County — to put COVID vaccine in people’s arms — and food in people’s bellies.

The Moore Wright Group and the United Christian Community Association partner to distribute food to people in Marengo County — to help them feed their families during the COVID pandemic.

“We’re part of the farm to families food program with USDA. And we’ve been fortunate enough to get food for Marengo County for this whole 5th round, every week,” said Edward Moore Oates.

Wal Marengovac0408 PkgBut food wasn’t all that was available for people this week. Cahaba Medical Care was also on-hand — to see if anyone picking up food — also needed to be vaccinated.

“We did have some people that were in the line to get the food boxes who didn’t know we were giving the vaccine or hadn’t gotten it elsewhere and they were able to come over and get the vaccine as well,” said Dr. Andreia White.

“And that was the whole idea,” said Oates.

“Because we know the people are going to come on Thursday for their food boxes. So, it’s another opportunity to reach some people who might have been able to get the shot.”

About 150 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were available to administer at the vaccination clinic.

“I’m from this area — so I wanted to be able to give back, you know, with my access so that people would be able, you know, to get the vaccine,” said White.

The second dose of the vaccine is scheduled for April 29th.

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