Senators Propose Bill to Help Allocate Funds for Black Historical Sites

Senators Clyde Chambliss and Bobby Singleton are sponsoring a bill that will take funds from the statewide property tax that is tied to the confederacy, to help preserve and promote black history.

Alabama First Created this tax to help confederate soldiers and their widows after the war. The state has continued to collect taxes ever since. Most of the revenue is used for other purposes, but 1% goes to the state’s Confederate Memorial Park  in Mountain Creek.

The two senators want to sponsor a bill that will preserve park funding, but also require that Alabama spend an equal 1% on black historical sites. The bill would also establish a process to move confederate memorials removed from elsewhere, to the park.

Patricia Godwin who is a long time supporter of preserving confederate history in Alabama, disagrees with the bill saying if they want equal funding for historical sites there should be equal representation for Alabama’s history as a whole

“As far as i’m concerned, that effort to take money out of confederate park memorial funds no I would never support that unless I see some balance and we see in April, confederate history and heritage month in the school system that that would be a part of the official Alabama state curriculum.” – Patricia Godwin

Godwin also expresses how important the memorial sites are in Alabama. Not only do people have family members buried in these sites, but since Alabama is full of history, people come from all over the world to see the memorials first hand.

“The park provides a site for tourism now in Alabama and whether they want to admit it or not the war between the states of our history in this state garners a lot money through tourism.”

We have reached out to both senator Chambliss and Singleton who are unavailable for comment at this time.

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