COVID Protocols In Place at Montgomery Regional Airport

As summer approaches, state’s begin to lift their mask mandates, and vaccines continue to be administered more people are choosing to travel by plane.

TSA has reported over 200,000 more travelers are traveling now since the beginning of the year, and numbers continue to rise.

Montgomery Regional Airport executive director, Marshall J. Taggart, Jr., says MGM is also seeing an increase in travel numbers.

“We’re back to 68% of our totally capacity, here at our airport.. All the indicators are upward projectory,” said Taggart.

Taggart says the Federal Aviation Administration has governed and regulated that all transportation facilities require masks to be worn, resulting in MGM’s mask enforcement.

On the other hand, with Delta Airlines preparing to open their middle seats back up beginning May 1, the airline will be servicing larger aircraft to MGM in order to keep passengers safe.

For more information on MGM’s COVID protocols, visit here.

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