What the Tech? How to Spring Clean Your Desktop

Cleaning up the desktop can mean two things. The actual desk where you work, and the desktop on your computer screen. If a cluttered desktop gives you anxiety, this spring cleaning can make you more productive.

Over time, adding new software, downloading images and programs and photos, it’s common for a desktop to look waaaaay too busy.

Start your digital spring cleaning by pulling all of the programs you use most often. Maybe that’s Chrome or Firefox browser, a software program or programs for work, Apple Music, Zoom.

Drag them to a clean empty part of the screen, if you have one.

Now, look at all of the others. You’ll probably see programs you need or don’t want to get rid off but you don’t use them very often. A good way to organize them is to create a new folder called “Programs”. Then slide those icons into the folder. They’ll still work when you click on them.

Create another folder for photos, music, whatever you can group together.

Don’t be conservative. If you find later you need programs at your fingertips, just remove them from the folder back to your desktop.

During this process, you may notice some programs or folders you no longer use or need. Removing them completely will clean up your desktop, give you more storage space to speed up your computer.

Deleting the icon doesn’t remove it from your computer.

Using the Windows key on a PC or Finder on a Mac. to see installed programs in a list view. There are probably some programs that are a nuisance called “bloatware”. Software that came pre-installed on the computer.

Choose the one you want to delete and uninstall it.

Be more conservative here, you don’t want to remove any program your computer requires. Don’t delete
anything called Windows or Microsoft. If in doubt, leave it alone or search for the name in Google to learn more.

As for your actual desktop, paper clutter can be eliminated by simply scanning it all with your phone.

I recommend the program Evernote and its app Scannable makes this not only easy to do but easy to organize.

Line up the document in the camera frame and snap. If there’s more than one page, the app will stay open to scan the next page.

Once you’re done, you can name the file and place it in a folder for business, personal, receipts, bills, whatever. When you need it, just search for a keyword in Evernote. anywhere in the document.

You can then throw away that paper, or if it contains sensitive information, shred it. And don’t stop there, do it regularly before it starts piling up again.

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