City of Montgomery Launches Vaccine Confidence Campaign to Engage Marginalized Communities

On Wednesday, April 14, Mayor Steven L. Reed announced the launch of a new campaign to support the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine. 174078939 122416813271765 8401188486218101826 N

Called “Level Up,” the campaign uses a range of themes of protection that resonate with residents, sending the message that getting a COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to stay safe and protected against the virus. The campaign is a combined effort by the City of Montgomery, local community-based organizations, and Partners In Health, a public health and social justice organization working to ensure a more efficient and equitable response to COVID-19.

“For more than a year, members of our community in Montgomery have tried to stay safe from COVID-19, but we’ve never been fully protected,” said Mayor Reed. “Finally, we have a chance to take matters into our own hands. Getting vaccinated means leveling up. It means safety. It means strength.”

As states across the country proceed with vaccination efforts, they have navigated myriad logistical challenges inherent to a mass vaccine rollout of this magnitude. Meanwhile, the issue of vaccine confidence has been well documented—a PIH study found that nearly a quarter of Montgomery residents say they do not plan to get vaccinated when they become eligible. This hesitancy in Montgomery mirrors nationwide trends that suggest the legacy of systemic racism is leading to skepticism among some communities of color. In fact, the PIH study found that almost half of those in Montgomery think that the U.S. health care system treats people unfairly based on their race or ethnic background most or all of the time.

“Communities of color have historically faced inequality in the health care system and COVID-19 is no different,” noted Dr. Brian Gary, a local physician who serves on Mayor Reed’s COVID-19 Task Force. “We’ve experienced so much tragedy over the past year, but now we finally have a chance to take control and protect ourselves against this disease.”

The campaign will launch in Montgomery on TV, radio, billboards, and social media over the coming days. The advertisements will encourage audiences to visit, an independent website created by PIH that streamlines the vaccine appointment process to support equitable and efficient rollout of vaccines in Alabama.

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