Wetumpka Celebrates Earth Day, Upcoming HGTV “Hometown Takeover” Series


People in Wetumpka have plenty to celebrate this spring. On Saturday, they held Wetumpka Pride Earth Day 2021 as they look forward to the premiere of HGTV’s “Hometown Takeover” featuring the city next month.

It all happened at the Wetumpka Farmers Market. Folks came out to buy and swap plants and get advice from master gardeners.

This is a celebration that’s been happening for 12 years. This year, they had flowers, vegetables and produce for sale and gave away free T-shirts.

“All these new happenings in Wetumpka and the farmers market right here where you can buy local produce, flowers, I’m so excited,” Wetumpka resident Paulette Bowdoin said.

The new farmers market is special because it was on the site that HGTV shot its six-episode series “Hometown Takeover” that will premiere on the cable TV channel Sunday, May 2.

The show will feature several renewal projects that were done in the city and share the spirit of residents who are recovering from a tornado that hit near downtown in 2019.

“It’s a wonderful day here in Wetumpka, and we’re so appreciative for what HGTV did here in our city and this is just a part of it,” Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis told Alabama News Network.

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