The Dannon Project Partners with CREEJ to Provide Help in Lowndes Co.

On Monday, the Dannon Project partnered with the Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice (CREEJ), to provide re-entry services to the citizens of Lowndes County.

CREEJ donated $25,000 dollars to the Dannon Project in hopes to help with transportation for those individuals.

“I said well you can help us with transportation,” said Jay Coleman, Dannon Project Site Coordinator, “so she [Catherine Flowers] said well okay we’ll make a 25-thousand dollar donation, to help you guys secure a van to provide service to the people in Lowndes County.”

The check was presented at the John ‘Big John’ Williams Courthouse by CREEJ officials. Judge Adrian Johnson says he knows the Dannon Project is going to bring significant help to those individuals in Lowdnes County.

“In our court system I tell people don’t let on bad decision dictate the rest of your life,” said Judge Johnson, “Let’s take that one bad decision and use it as a learning lesson, to start making good decisions.”

The project will begin assisting in Lowndes County as soon as the judge appoints the first client.

For more information on the Dannon Project, visit here.

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