Award Presented to Montgomery County Corporal as “CrimeStopper Officer of the Year”

Central Alabama CrimeStoppers is continuing to recognize law enforcement officers of the year. This is for outstanding service during 2020.

Corporal Mike Morrow has been awarded the title of Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office 2020 CrimeStopper of the Year.

Morrow is assigned to the Investigative Division. He has been assisting federal, state and other local agencies in human trafficking investigations.

Human trafficking cases are difficult to investigate because many of the victims are afraid to cooperate and give statements out of fear of retribution from the perpetrators. Using information gathered through various arrests, investigations and witness accounts, he linked a recent suspect to a vast network of human trafficking.

The case crossed state lines, where the Department of Homeland Security became involved. Corporal Morrow was successful in building trust and communication with several of the victims of human trafficking and was able to succeed in freeing them while bringing their captors to justice.

Morrow will also be recognized by the Department of Homeland Security and has been made a member of the Federal Task Force on Human Trafficking.

Awards are being announced from March 1 through May 1. This recognition would normally take place in January at the annual CrimeStoppers luncheon in downtown Montgomery. Unfortunately, the luncheon was cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions for crowd size.

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