Medical Breakthroughs: Physical Activity+Young Adults are Apparently Selfish+Double Masking

Getting more physical activity may help patients with heart conditions avoid heart attacks and strokes. The new large-scale study out of the Netherlands found people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes were about 30% less likely to develop cardiovascular disease if they increased their levels of movement. The changes also decreased the likelihood of death.

Older generations are more willing to help others, while younger adults are a bit more selfish.
New research from the University of Birmingham compared one group of adults aged 18 to 36 to another group between 55 and 85. The study found that when a task was easy, young and older adults were equally willing to help, but if it was more physically difficult, older adults were more willing to help.

And lastly, fit matters more than layers when it comes to double-masking. Researchers found that wearing two face coverings can nearly double protection against COVID-19  because wearing 2 masks eliminates gaps around the face.

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