Pay it Forward: Jerria Martin of Selma

Pif Martin3

Our Pay it Forward honoree this week is Jerria Martin of Selma. She is making a difference by working to create a drug-free community.

Jerria Martin gradauted from Princeton in 2013 with her Masters of Divinity.
She never knew she’d come back home to Selma.
But she did and is making a difference in a big way with a drug-free youth coalition.

“Right now, we target over 150 youth as what we have as Hope Dealers. The Hope Dealers are the representatives in their schools to ensure that schools are drug-free,” said Martin.

She even made a video Alabama News Network spotlighted back in the fall that gained 100,000 views and even the attention of First Lady Melania Trump.

Her mother, Elizabeth Smiley, nominated Jerria for what she does to pay it forward.

“I admire Jerria for all that she is involved in helping with the community and especially helping with the children because I, too, am an educator, so I know what it’s like to be with them. That’s what I really like is they don’t just talk drugs. They’ll sit down and play games and have enrichment time and even during Covid they gave out free smoothies,” said Smiley.


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