Menstrual Hygiene Bill Finally Makes its First Steps

After several months of trying to get the HB88 bill in committee, supporters have finally seen it make its first step.

Bill sponsor, Rolanda Hollis, founders of Women in Training, and several sponsors have been fighting for the menstrual hygiene bill to provide free feminine hygiene products in K-12 schools.

“Its hard to explain to men what women go through,” said Hollis, “and it may be a small product to you, but it means a lot to us.”

Women in Training founder, Brooke Bennett, spoke to the Education Committee on Tuesday, saying how important passing this bill is.

“I feel like if it was in schools, it would be much better,” said Bennett, moments before the board would commend her for speaking and then voting in favor of the bill.

The bill now heads to the house floor.

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