Demopolis Offering $5000 Signing Bonus to Certified Police & Firemen

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The city of Demopolis is offering a cash incentive to lure qualified public safety personnel — to join the city’s police and fire departments.

Demop123Mayor Woody Collins says the new incentive program is designed to attract certified police officers and fire fighters to the River City.

“Anybody who is already qualified as a policeman or a fireman can come in with a $5000 dollar signing bonus,” said Collins.

“It allows us to put the most experienced officer or fireman behind the badge,” said Police Chief Rex Flowers.

Right now, the police department is about four officers short. Additionally, the fire department is down by about five fire fighters. The shortages are creating scheduling problems for both departments.

“We just don’t have the manpower out here to do everything you need to do to answer your calls. And be proactive as far as law enforcement,” said Flowers.

Furthermore, the shortage of manpower is causing issues with overtime.

“Overtime actually puts my budget out of whack. When you have to spend a lot of overtime it actually creates a problem,” said Interim Fire Chief Talmus Williams.

The program also offers a $1000 dollar bonus to current police officers and firefighters — who recommend qualified applicants who are hired.

“The people of Demopolis deserve a certain level of security from our first responders. And we don’t want to let them down,” said Collins.

To learn more about the incentive program — call (334) 289-3073 — or (334) 289-1212.

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