Pay It Forward: Charles and Alice Freeman of Selma

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Charles and Alice Freeman are passionate about feeding anyone and everyone who is hungry in the Selma area.
This past year they filled a great need because of the pandemic.

Charles and Alice Freeman are motivational speakers.
But it’s not all about just speaking for them. In fact, they they have a ministry called ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ where their love is put into action.

“A lot of people lost jobs and a lot of people aching for food, and we just felt the need to just give out of our own pockets and go ahead and buy stuff, prepare hot breakfasts. Also, prepare hot dinners and whatever we decide to come up with,” said Charles.

They have been feeding people for over 14 years.
And the ministry has started growing.

Charles’ mother Lucy helps cook.

“I enjoy cooking and serving the community. I enjoy cooking for them we pass out boxes to them the people that want it,” said Lucy.

For the Freemans, it’s a matter of the heart.

“Me and my husband cannot stand to see someone if they look homeless we pull over. We don’t have a whole lot of money, but if we have anything on our person, we always check on them.” said Alice.


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