Repaired, Rebuilt & Recovered: Ten Years After Two Marengo Co. Tornadoes

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Ten years after a couple of tornadoes ripped through parts of Marengo County — two survivors have completely recovered from the devastation it left behind — and rebuilt their lives.

Nash Road — off Hwy 25 in Fausndale — was an area — the April 27th tornado hit hardest. The tornado destroyed several houses on the road — and damaged the roof on Henry Collins’ house.

“I heard a roaring sound and it went through so fast and that was it. It was over with in a split second,” said Collins.

Collins says the devastation the tornado left in its wake — took some of his neighbors years to recover from.

“A house on each side of me blowed away. And Trailer blowed away and — really was terrible.”

The week of the April 27th tornado — was actually the second consecutive week a tornado had hit the county.

A tornado destroyed Douglas Peteet’s home in Jefferson — the week before on April 15th. Peteet was inside the house when the tornado hit.

“The front door of the house blew open. And I knew good and well when that happened what was taking place,” Peteet said.

“I got up and ran into the bathroom. Before I could get into the bathroom good, it was gone. I raised my head up and all I could see is sky. It had taken all of the roof off the house.”

Now ten years later — Peteet has a new house. Along with memories from a day — he’ll always remember.

“I still think about it yes sir. It’s something you won’t never forget.”

One person was killed — and several others were injured — during the two tornadoes.

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