Ten Years Ago Today: April 27, 2011, Tornado Outbreak

APRIL 27, 2011, TORNADO OUTBREAK: The 2011 Super Outbreak spanned multiple days and affected 26 states across the southern and eastern United States with 216 confirmed tornadoes, and some 348 deaths. Alabama was the hardest hit, as several waves of tornado and wind damage producing-storms swept through the state beginning before sunrise and continuing well past sunset.

042711 Statewidemap

Over an 18 hour period, 62 tornadoes tracked across Alabama, cutting a damage path greater than 1200 miles and securing the place of this rare event in history. On that day, 252 Alabamians lost their lives, with thousands of others injured. Countless, neighborhoods, schools, churches, businesses were destroyed or damaged. In many locations, words could not accurately describe the extreme destruction. Hopefully, we will never see another day like this in Alabama.

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