Medical Breakthroughs: Your Work Schedule and Chances of Catching COVID-19

A new study suggests people who work outside a regular 9 to 5 schedule are at greater risk for catching covid-19. British researchers believe odd work hours impact the circadian clock- weakening the body’s immune system. They found shift workers are nearly 2 and a half times more likely to test positive for coronavirus.

Being exposed to secondhand smoke could make you more likely to develop oral cancer. Research published in the journal Tobacco Control shows people who consistently inhale tobacco smoke involuntarily have a 51% higher chance of being diagnosed with oral cancer. Nearly 230,000 people around the world die from oral cancer every year.

Vitamin D supplements could help lower the risk of heart disease for people with dark skin. New research now links Vitamin D deficiencies seen in many Black Americans to high rates of heart disease. Melanin — which is more concentrated in darker skin — inhibits the body from making Vitamin D through sun exposure and adequate Vitamin D is needed for blood vessels to function properly.

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