Historic Budgets Approved, Lottery and Gaming Lingers at State House

The 2021 Alabama Legislative session is winding down and lawmakers have passed the most important pieces of Legislation, statewide budgets.

On Thursday Senators approved the largest General Fund Budget in state history.

The $2.4 billion budget includes a 2% pay raise for state employees.

The Education Trust Fund Budget was also approved on Thursday, it is a 6% increase over last years budget.

$7.7 billion will be allocated from the Education Trust Fund.

It also includes a 2% pay raise for teachers.

The news that the whole state is watching, is legislation on gaming and lottery.

In 2020 the Governor’s Study Group on Gambling studied all year long, and estimated that a lottery would bring more than a half billion dollars to Alabama.

A proposed lottery and gaming bill stalled in the Senate earlier this session, but a replacement was soon heard and amended to the point that is strongly resembled the previous bill.

The lottery and gaming bill has passed the Senate, and is now awaiting debate in the House of Representatives.

“We’ve passed this thing twice up here and they haven’t delta with it up to this point, and we don’t have a lot of time” said Senator Greg Albritton (R)-Atmore.

Representatives have less than one working week, to vote on the gaming and lottery bill, or it will not make it out of this session.

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