Regions Foundation Gives Alabama State University $250,000 To pay off Graduating Senior Debts

The Graduating Seniors at Alabama State University were in for a big surprise Thursday when they showed up for what they thought was a Financial Literacy Seminar, but their attendance really paid off.

Regions Bank held a seminar today to announce that they are paying off all graduating seniors student debts. They gave the university $250,000 to cover student debts.

With graduation happening on may 7th. Students can rest easy knowing they no longer have any financial burdens holding them back from graduating. This news came as a shock to many students after facing one of the toughest senior years imaginable during a world wide pandemic.

“It was such a weight lifted off of me just knowing the past things that we have been through within the past year with COVID.  Loosing both of our grandmothers in 6 months and just having that financial burden of school and responsibilities outside of school. Just knowing that we have been fortunate enough to receive that was such a blessing and lifted so much of a weight off of us.”– Carmen Knight, Student.

The money awarded comes from a grant presented by the Regions Foundation which is a non-profit initiative established by the bank. This is also a part of the Alabama State University’s finish line campaign, the goal is to raise $300,000 to help pay off student debt.

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