Dallas Co. School Board Considers Closing Three Elementary Schools

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Dallas County School Board is considering closing three of the school district’s six elementary schools.

Board Chairman William Minor says the board is discussing the possibility of closing Salem — BK Craig — and JE Terry elementary schools.

Wal Dc3schools Fox Mini“The board has not made a decision yet to close either school. We have commissioned a group to do a feasibility study,” said Minor.

“If the feasibility study comes back and says we should close those schools, then the board will get together collectively, meet with the community and then make a decision.”

Minor says student population continues to drop in the school district. And as a result — the district has too many school buildings — and too few students.

Minor says closing the schools would solve that problem. Plus have the added benefit — of saving the school district about $3 million dollars a year.

“Now we’re not in the business of saving money. We’re in the business of educating the boys and girls of Dallas County with the best education we can give them.”

The school board’s next scheduled meeting is May 20th.

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