From Homeless to Homeowner, Now Car Owner

James Spedding was first introduced to us back in 2017. He was homeless and living in a tent near the Alabama river. Over the past 5 years his life has changed dramatically thanks to the love and support of River City Church and the community.

Back in 2019 James and his wife Ericka moved into their first home after being in the tent for two years. James is a painter and was working on homes for other people to live in.

Sunday, May 2, the couple received a huge surprise at their churches service. An anonymous person gifted them a used Kia Sedona. Emotions overflowed when they were handed the keys to their new car which had been parked outside of the church.

James still works as a contracted painter, he now helps renovate movie theaters including the Eastdale Mall Cinema. James says that now that they have the car he will be able to take on more job opportunities. The first thing on his to-do list is to finally get a drivers license now that he has a vehicle to do so.

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