Wetumpka Residents & Leaders React to HGTV’s Home Town Takeover

On Sunday, May 2, HGTV’s first episode of the six part series of Wetumpka’s Home Town Takeover aired, and residents say they loved it!

Wetumpka residents say finally getting to see it all come to life after months of the camera crews and construction was worthwhile.

“I think HGTV coming here is only going to help with tourism,” said Village Artist, Robert Mullins, “and the future growth and things that come down the road.”

Just hours after the show aired, Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis said there we’re dozens of visitors from several different states taking a detour, while traveling, to see the city.

“The amount of different license plates I’ve seen, just today, my goodness!” said Mayor Willis.

Residents explained what it was like seeing the crews out everyday filming, and even asking some of the residents and workers to be featured in some episodes. Pam Martin, ‘Market Shoppes’ owner and featured in episode one, says it felt unreal to see how many people were in the small town making it come to life.

Episode two is set to air Sunday, May 9th at 8/7 CT.

For more information on the six part series, visit here.

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