Efforts to Feed Families During Pandemic Continue in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

People struggling to get through the pandemic — got some help putting food on the table — at a drive-thru food giveaway in Selma.

The Selma Area Food Bank partnered with area two churches to help feed hundreds of families.

Food giveaways like this one at Historic Brown Chapel AME Church — continue to draw hundreds of people — sometimes at a moment’s notice.

Fg0504Seventy-five year old Rosie Melton of Selma — was one of the people who came out.

“A lady called me just while ago on the phone and told me say Rose go ’round there to the church, say they passing out something I don’t know what it is. She didn’t tell me whether she been ’round here or not, and so I came.”

Melton says she lives on a fixed income. And the food she gets from giveaways — is a big help during tough times.

“It means I got food. I can go home and cook.”

A steady flow of traffic drove through the line to get food. People were given a 30 lb box of fresh vegetables — plus meat — milk — and bread.

More than 200 boxes of food were handed out at the giveaway. The food was provided by the Selma Area Food Bank.

“The need is still great. So we’re doing what we can to fill in those gaps where the need is,” said Executive Director Jeff Harrison.

“The motivation behind the response is the need. These are some tough times that we’re going through,” said Rev. Leodis Strong.

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