Pay It Forward: Alberta Ronoakes of Tuskegee

Pif Ronoakes


This week’s Pay it forward honoree is Alberta Ronoakes of Tuskegee. She has been driving a school bus for 24 years and works hard to make sure all her kids are taken care of.

Alberta Ronoakes has spent much her of her life raising 6 kids and driving a school bus for 24 years.
And she does it for one reason.

“My kids. I love them. Everybody asks if your kids are bad I say no because they know me,” said Alberta.

But that’s not all Alberta does..

“I get up about 10 til 6 every morning and drive a school bus and then I go to work. I was working three jobs and then I drive a bus in the evening and go to another at night. And don’t get off till 11 or 12 at night,” said Alberta.

Her daughter Falissia nominated her and says her mother deserves some recognition.

“I’m so proud of her because she’s been doing this since we were kids. Not only that, she helped out with the concession stand, the sports, and everything. She motivated me to want to do more and do better because all her life she’s always had more than one job,” said Falissia.

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