Arsenal Place Provides Central Location for Community Services

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

There’s a new space in Selma — bringing community service organizations — together under one roof making it easy for people to find the help they need.

Arsenal Place currently houses about 8 non-profit organizations — that focus on workforce and community development — and social justice programs.

Nathan Fuhrman is Arsenal Place Project Manager.

Wal Arsenalplace Pkg“What the Arsenal Place represents is not only success of these programs and longevity of these programs, it literally gives employees that have poured their heart and soul into this community a nice ascetically pleasing place to come work. They have nice desks, they have nice chairs, they have office supplies,” he said.

Along with pooling resources — the Arsenal Place also encourages non-profits to collaborate. It should help them cut down on the duplication of services.

A donor appreciation program was held for the donors who funded the Arsenal Place project.

“That money did not come into Dallas County to improve real estate or a building. This is an investment in the young people of Dallas County,” said Allen Bowen with USDA Rural Development.

“Community is nothing without family. So, the fact that they’re focusing and having emphasis on building strong families or trying to repair dysfunctional families is something that we really should all support,” said Rep. Prince Chestnut.

To learn more about Arsenal Place — and the services available there — go to


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