What the Tech? How to Easily Find Something to Watch on Netflix

Netflix has around 4,000 movies and 2,000 television shows. So why is it so hard to find something to watch?

Like many families, we find ourselves flipping through Netflix icons for much of the night before deciding on something. Many times, it takes so long to find something, someone has fallen asleep before the opening credits.

Now, Netflix wants to make finding something to watch easier.

“Play Something” is a new feature that gives you suggestions on what to watch when Netflix sees you’re having trouble deciding for yourself. Basically, if Netflix sees you’re scrolling without clicking on anything, a screen pops up asking if you want Netflix to just “play something”.

Not just anything mind you, Netflix knows the types of movies and shows you watch and will suggest something similar.

Of course Netflix has had something similar for some time but “Play Something” doesn’t just show you icons and previews of content but actually begins playing it the second you hit the “play something” button.

How well does it work? When I tried it, shows similar to the ones I’ve watched began playing.

Lots of documentaries for me, crime shows for my wife and a mixture of dramas Netflix thinks is similar to Queen’s Gambit which we actually watched twice. It missed on “Trailer Park Boys” (I haven’t watched anything similar) but figured I’d like “Better Call Saul” since I watched “Ozark”.

Netflix says it also will begin playing something you started watching but never finished. When “Better Call Saul” began playing it was season 3 and I’d only watched through season 2. So all in all, it did pretty well.

I did feel like Netflix would begin playing many of its own creations and maybe it plays things that it wants me to watch. Still, I found the new feature to be helpful. If you are tired of someone in the room telling you to “just play something”, asking Netflix to “play something” will take the remote out of your hands.

“Play Something” works on all of the streaming devices (Fire Stick, Roku, Chromecast, and the smart TVs I checked) but does not appear while using the Netflix smartphone or iPad app or watching from a browser.

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