Pay It Forward: M.J. Harris of Selma

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This week’s Pay It Forward honoree is 18-year-old M.J. Harris of Selma. His mother nominated him for all that he does to help the community.

M.J. Harris is a freshman at the University of Alabama.
But serving his community is something he’s always loved to do.

“M.J. has been volunteering ever since probably 10-years-old. It comes natural to him. I don’t have to make him get up and get out there and do it. He understands he is giving back to his community,” said his mother Cynthia.

M.J. has been a part of many projects, whether it’s helping with food drives, working the polls on Election Day, or cleaning up.

“I helped with Selma cleanup. Went around to different neighborhoods and cleaned up,” said M.J. “You never know when you might need help and want somebody to help you. You want to help them in case the shoe be on the other foot,” said M.J.



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