What the Tech? How Facebook Groups Can Help You Find Bargains at Walmart

Over a half-million people are using Facebook to find secret bargains at Walmart and other major retailers. I call them “secret bargains” because they’re deep discounts that aren’t reflected on the sticker price and only show up when scanned at the cash register.

Walmart’s clearance aisle is the focus of one such Facebook Group, called “Walmart Clearance Shoppers” with over 557 thousand members. The private group (you can request to join) is filled with posts from members who’ve spotted deeply discounted items.

For example, one recent post in another Walmart Clearance shoppers group is from a shopper who ran across a Wagner Opti-Painter. The sticker showed $94 but when scanned with the Walmart app and taken to the cash register the shopper bought it for just $17.

Group members tell others they use the Walmart app which has a barcode scanner to check prices in the store. Discounted items can be found in any department but shoppers seem to have the most luck in the clearance aisles.

I didn’t have the same luck as those posting in the groups. Every item I scanned showed the same price as the sticker but you can’t ignore the bargains other members claim to find.

One posted a screenshot of a full-sized Pacman game priced at nearly $600 on the Walmart website. When they scanned it with the app, it rang up for $164.

Of course, other group members rushed to their stores to pick up one for themselves. Most reported back that, if it was even in stock, the scan showed the full price. But a few members claim they bought one for under $100.

Prices vary greatly between Walmart stores. An item that scans for $2 might be $32 at another Walmart just down the road. Members share bar codes of their bargain finds and other members can use the barcode to check inventory at their nearest store.

Members also use the website www.brickseek.com to search inventory at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, and Lowes. The website information is free but premium members who subscribe for $10/month up to $30/month get early access to deals.

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