City of Montgomery Launches “Stop the Violence” Campaign

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed, Police Chief Ernest Finley and other city leaders have launched a “Stop the Violence” campaign with a rally at Regency Park Community Center this morning.

Reed, Finley and church pastors heard from some of the hundreds of residents gathered on ways to unify the city while reducing gun crimes and domestic violence.

Family members of those lost to gun violence shared their stories and how their grief has changed their life.

“All I’m asking for is this community to come together, not just the community of everybody that lost loved ones due to violence,” Mollie Gardner said. She is the mother of Keshon Gardner, who was killed last June.

“95% of our victims of violent crimes in this city look like me and look like you, and we have to be accountable for what we are putting into and what we’re asking to get out of members of our community,” Mayor Reed said.

“I want to be committed to anything for the next month or every other week.. The police department is going to be out here in partnership, just to listen, and how we can do things better, just a listen in how we can make peace in your community,” Chief Finley said.

The event included free food and drinks, plus music from DJ Ali.

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