Annual Gathering of Eagles Event Underway at Air University

Monday was day one of the annual Gathering of Eagles capstone event at Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base.

The event is held each year with different ‘Eagles’ giving presentation to students at Air Command and Staff College. The goal of the event is for current Air Force leaders to gain valuable insight and learn from the experiences of aviation and military legends who went before them.

On Monday, students heard from Maj. Heather “Lucky” Penney. Penney was one of the first female pilots to go directly into fighters from pilot training. On Sept. 11, 2001, Penney and her flight lead we’re set the defend the Nation’s Capital, though with few time to prepare their jets we’re unarmed. If they were to spot Flight 93, they would have had to ram into it in order to take it down.

“I know that any one of you [students] would have done the same thing as me and my flight lead that day if you were called,” said Penney.

Students said having legendary Eagles, like Maj. Penney, makes the class much more of a reality.

“What an honor it was to have Major Penney here today, speaking to us,” said one student, Maj. Florence Yee, “To me, it just makes me realize that even though I am a student, serving in a different capacity, when the nation is calling on us, we have to step up and do what we have to do to protect our nation.”

Last year’s cohorts are also being included this year, due to 2020’s Gathering of Eagles being cancelled because of the pandemic.

The Gathering of Eagles event will conclude on Wednesday, May 26.

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