Clarke County Sheriff Resigns as He Faced Impeachment

Clarke County Sheriff Ray Norris

Clarke County Sheriff Ray Norris – Photo: Clarke County Sheriff’s Office

The sheriff of Clarke County has resigned ahead of an impeachment proceeding that sought to remove him from office.

Attorney General Steve Marshall’s office announced Wednesday that Clarke County Sheriff William Ray Norris is resigning effective June 1.

That is a day before Norris was to appear in a hearing at the Alabama Supreme Court to respond to an impeachment complaint.

Marshall in April filed impeachment papers against Norris seeking to remove him from office. The attorney general’s office accused Norris of multiple acts of malfeasance.

The Alabama Supreme Court had ordered Norris to appear and answer a two-count information of impeachment on June 2.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, on April 27, Attorney General Marshall filed an Information of Impeachment and Prayer for Ouster of Sheriff Norris with the Alabama Supreme Court. The Attorney General’s Office began investigating the matter in early 2020, resulting in the decision to seek Norris’ removal from office. Norris was charged with four instances of corruption in office and eleven instances of commission of crimes involving moral turpitude.


If the Alabama Supreme Court determines that Norris’ resignation nullifies the current impeachment proceedings, it will likely dismiss the case once Norris’ resignation is effective, according to Marshall.

“Sheriff Norris’ decision to resign from office, however, does not foreclose the possibility that criminal charges will be filed against him,” Marshall said in a statement.

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