Former Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford Dies, Those Who Worked Alongside Him React

The City of Troy is mourning the loss of one their own as former mayor Jimmy Lunsford, who served for 27 years, passed away on Tuesday.

Jimmy Lunsford was first elected mayor of Troy in 1985. Before then, he served on city council for three years. He was the first full-time mayor for the city in their new order of government, serving seven terms.

The population of Troy grew by 6,000 during his time in office. Those who worked close with him say one of his biggest achievements was improving the economy, while keeping the city’s small town charm.

Troy University officials say Lunsford maintained a positive relationship with the university because he knew what was good for the university was also good for the city.

“He was a visionary man,” Dr. Jack Hawkins Chancellor of Troy University said. “He could see things that many people couldn’t see, and I think that benefited all of us.”

Alabama News Network Political Analyst Steve Flowers was elected to the Alabama House of Representatives the same year Lunsford began serving on the Troy City Council. Flowers said the City of Troy would not be what it is today without Lunsford.

“He was a great great mayor, political friend, and ally,” Flowers said. “He’s the kind of guy you would what you call get in a fox hole with. His word was good. His bond was good. Whatever he told you, you could bank on it. He was somebody you were proud to call your friend.”

Funeral arrangements have been made for 2:30 on Friday at Park Memorial United Methodist Church in Troy.


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