ALEA and Montgomery Airport Officials Encourage Safe Travels For Memorial Day Weekend

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency wants  you to be safe behind the wheel.

“We just want to encourage our drivers to be mindful of Alabama laws, also try not to get distracted driving, refrain from picking up the phones or changing your radios. We also want people to be sure to wear their seat belts, children need to be in the proper child restraints and booster seats or car seats.”- trooper Kendra Mckinney 

With the increase in travel and celebrations there will also be some restrictions in place here in Alabama to keep drivers from getting into danger.

“we do have special details lined up, you can expect a couple of drivers license check points, line saturation, light details and just a heavier presence on our major highways.” 

ALEA officials also want to encourage people not to drink and drive. Be sure to have a sober friend you can call.

The roadways are not the only thing that will be busy, the Montgomery airport is expecting a significant increase in travel this weekend for the upcoming holiday.

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