City of Selma Cracking Down on Overgrown Lots and Run Down Buildings

Wal Selmacleanup Pkg From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Overgrown lots and dilapidated buildings have become part of the landscape in Selma. But now city leaders — are trying to crack down on negligent property owners.

City leaders are trying to get the owners of neglected properties — to clean them up. They say not only are the properties an eyesore — they’re also a health and safety hazard.

The city is looking to hire independent lawn service contractors — to help cut overgrown lots.

Steven Hendrieth is the city’s Code Enforcement Director.

“If you look on our website, we’ve already put up how to do business with the city. Contact us if you’re a vendor. You want to get out here and cut some of this grass, come see us,” he said.

Hendrieth says negligent property owners could be cited — and have lien placed on their property.

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