Pay It Forward: Harold Hammond from Prattville


On just about any given day Harold Hammond can be seen picking up litter along Highway 14 on Fairview Avenue in Prattville.

“I start exactly 2 miles from the interstate from near where I live. At that point, to the interstate, and then reverse and pick up the other side of that thoroughfare,” said Hammond.

And he’s been doing it for quite a while.

“I’ve been doing it since I retired from the state government in 1991, which it means it’s coming up on about 30 years,” said Hammond.

You can imagine the things he has seen.

“Last week I looked in the weeds in the grass and there was a laptop with the carrying case beside it. Fortunately, it had a name and phone number on it… we were able to locate a family member and return the laptop in the case,” said Hammond.

He’s even found hundreds of dollars at a time.

Everything that I find is not trash. The things that can be returned to its owners are returned, included on occasion, money, currency, if it all possible that’s  returned and credit cards,” said Hammond.




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