Coaches and Mentors Meet to Discuss Details For The Montgomery Basketball League Youth Program

City Councillor, Oronde Mitchell is bringing a new type of basketball league to the city of Montgomery. He says the purpose of this league is to allow students to have something to do outside of school that can help the youth in the community.

The Montgomery Basketball League will consist of 8 teams with students ages 14 to 18.  The expectation is to bring about mentor-ship as well as competition to the youth in the community. The league will even consist of a NBA style draft so that students get the opportunity to get picked for different teams and compete for top spots.

Mentors and Coaches came together on Wednesday to discuss the plans for the program including practice schedules and game schedules. The games will happen in a 6 week time period during the summer months.

There will be 4 high school level teams and 4 middle school level teams, ages 13-18.

The final day to register as a participant is June 11th. The “Draft” is scheduled to occur on June 14th.

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