Tommy Tuberville Tours Military Bases in Alabama, Finishing Up in Dannelly Field

Tommy Tuberville who was the former head coach at Auburn University and is now United States senator representing Alabama wants the people to know that his goal is to give back to the state in anyway he can. This week he toured military bases throughout the state of Alabama to take note of things the military has and any help they may need.

Senator Tuberville emphasizes the importance of our military in the state of Alabama. During his tour of each military base he says his goal was to learn more about what our military is equipped with so that he can help with any aid they may need.

“It has enlightened me, in fact I’ve been on most of these bases before, but not going through what we really have and what the men and women of this state do for our country so I’m here to help.” – Tuberville

He also stated that Alabama will be receiving one of the best fighting machines the world has ever known, the F-35 fighter jet, which he says he is excited about.

With the state being just shy of a year away from the primary elections there have already been campaign announcements….

Since Senator Shelby will not be seeking re-election in the next race, I asked senator Tuberville what qualities he is hoping to have in the candidate that will take Shelby’s place.

” I don’t have a preference, we’ll have an election in a couple of years for a new senator. I would hope that everyone look real hard at that and make sure that military should be strong in their minds. agriculture should be strong, were a huge agriculture state, and obviously health care.”

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