Two People Shot During Domestic Violence Shootout in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Two people are hurt in Selma — after a domestic violence situation at an apartment — ends with a shootout.

A 21 year old man and an 18 year old young woman — wound up at the Vaughn E-R Tuesday evening — after their romantic relationship apparently came to a violent end.

Police Chief Kenta Fulford says Henry Austin of Selma — fired shots into his girl friend’s apartment — and a family member who was inside — started shooting back.

“They were in a relationship and it seems right now that one broke it off with the other one and Mr. Austin just didn’t accept that,” said Fulford.

Wal Dvshootout Fox PkgThe shooting happened on the 2900 block of Valley Dale in the Woodrow East subdivision.

“It’s a quiet, nice neighborhood,” said Steve Smitherman.

“And so people like to raise their children here which were out here playing yesterday during the shootout.”

The incident left the apartment riddled with bullet holes.

The young woman was shot in the shoulder — but police say Austin’s injuries were more serious.

“That is a terrible situation,” Fulford said.

The incident also sparked a rumor that there was a standoff at the hospital — and a shooting inside the building.

“That was false information,” said Fulford.

“And I wish that people would not put information out that’s not concrete. We did respond as it was a standoff situation. But once we got there and assessed the situation, there was no such thing,” he said.

Fulford says there have been no arrests at this time — but the case remains under investigation.

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