What the Tech? Weird Items You Can Buy on Amazon

Amazon insinuates shoppers can find everything from A-Z in its online store. With the exception of items that cannot be legally purchased and shipped online, it is fairly accurate to say just about anything is for sale at Amazon.com.

Including some strange items, you might not expect. I recently went window shopping in search of the weird, strange, and downright head-scratching products listed at Amazon.

A life-size statue of Yeti the Bigfoot may be a gift for the person who has everything. I found one that stands over 6 feet tall with a 5-star rating. Shoppers are paying $4,630 for one version to stand in the garden or yard and decorate for the holidays.

Much like some people do with small duck yard ornaments. The most expensive version has apparently sold out in the last few hours after I found it. Another large version from a different company is listed for $1,700.

A smaller item for the garden might be 1500 Lady Bugs. Seems strange but buyers get these little buggers to kill aphids in their gardens. Why does someone need 1500 of them? According to verified customers, a good number of ladybugs don’t survive shipping.

You can get 1,500 live ladybugs for $45.

Amazon sells live cockroaches too. A male/female pair of hissing cockroaches are $12. One customer posted a short video clip of their child playing around with one of the gross bugs. They’re also purchased by some people to send as gag gifts which is
pretty cruel.

How about a wall decal of an Asian man. A life-size wall sticker is $80. The same company also sells peel and stick wall decals of retirees or seniors taking medicine, and baking. There’s also a life-sized wall decal of a seniors couple smiling in a golf cart. It’s $22.

You can purchase a small bottle of edible glitter for $6.29. Sounds like a bargain, but that’s $160 an ounce which is $35 more than an ounce of caviar which you can also find on Amazon.

If you want to make a fashion statement while keeping your head dry, an umbrella hat can be yours for $12. I also spotted an Anatomy bathing suit with a print of your internal organs for $17.

Did you know Amazon sells fully furnished homes? A 40 foot tiny home made out of a shipping container is $39,000. But it isn’t a Prime product so you’ll need to pay $4,000 for shipping.

Amazon also sells real human bones. A single-finger bone is $25.

Most of the products I mentioned are not actually sold by Amazon but by third-party sellers. The items never even go through an Amazon warehouse. So if you’re so inclined to purchase a weird item off Amazon, make sure you look at one-star reviews for the product and the seller and check the shipping details.

Some of the items are sold and shipped by companies in China
and can take months to deliver.

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