HGTV’s “Hometown Takeover” Makes An Impact On Wetumpka Community

The City of Wetumpka has come to life during HGTV’s “Hometown Takeover” television series.

The series featuring Wetumpka may be over, but residents of the community say this isn’t the end. The renovations made will forever have a lasting impact on their city.

The series finale aired Sunday night at 7:00 pm. The last episode featured the new farmers market overlooking the Coosa River. Other renovations in the city have included restaurants, shops, homes, and a downtown street. Residents say business is booming in local shops now more than ever. Tourists are coming from across the country to see what the buzz is about.

Wetumpka residents don’t want the energy from the show to stop now. They want to carry the momentum going forward.

“I hope this spark of excitement, especially for the downtown area, keeps going and it just booms,” Wetumpka resident Vicki Mullino said.

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