Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed Talks About The Sanitation Department In Montgomery

Mayor Reed has a message to the people of Montgomery and that is to have patience.  With the impact of severe weather these past few months and more people staying in their homes than usual during the pandemic, the trash build up has been greater than it has been in the past.

Mayor Reed says so far this year the sanitation crews in Montgomery have collected 22 million more pounds of trash than in previous years and with sanitation crews being short staffed, they have had to work harder to ensure the roads and neighborhoods are clean.

“We’ve been short handed a little bit by about 10 or 15 sanitation workers, and that is partly due to retirements and just regular attrition. So we’re trying to replace those and we feel like we have most of those positions filled.”

Even though we have had a recent period of severe weather, the mayor says that things will start to look better in the streets of Montgomery.

“We do feel that we will be caught up by the end of this week and we will be back on a normal schedule, and I think it is important to separate garbage from trash and understand that we have not missed any garbage days, but certainly we are using more of our street maintenance crews and some of our big side loaders to pick up tree limbs and things along those lines, that are left along the street and in some of other residences.”

The mayor also says that they will begin increasing the times and dates for the bulk drop off locations so that people can throw away more of the trash they collect.

He also emphasizes that not all of the things residents place outside of their homes can be taken.. Items like couches, large electronics and other large objects on the side of the road may not be able to be collected by sanitation or maintenance crews…

“I just want to let them know that our sanitation street maintenance teams are really um working overtime on this and that they really sacrifice a lot from their families to really work on things that they are supposed to have off to try to catch up, and they take a lot of pride in their work and were proud of the work that they have been doing, and we are trying to do the best we can to give them support that is needed to keep Montgomery clean.”

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