Pay It Forward: Patrick Aitken from Montgomery



Patrick Aitken serves the homeless through the Mid-Alabama Coalition for the Homeless and River City Church. But he says its not just a job. For him, it’s a calling.

“People know me around Montgomery in the downtown area by the guy who wears the shirt ‘Homeless Lives Matter.’ That’s how they know me– ‘the Homeless Lives Matter guy.’ And I don’t mind being called that,” said Aitken.

For over seven years Patrick Aitken has been a case manager and outreach director for the homeless.

“Ever since I’ve known Patrick he’s been very active in the homeless community doing any and everything that he can to make sure the homeless community,  taking care of referrals and hygiene kits and things of that nature. He would give the shirt off his back,” said nominator Breonna Alexander.


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