Nearby Business Owners Excited about Montgomery Whitewater Groundbreaking

Now that ground has been broken on the long-awaited Montgomery whitewater recreation center, business owners nearby are excited to see if they’ll get a boost in customers and revenue.

The whitewater center will be built near Maxwell Boulevard, between downtown and Maxwell Air Force Base. City and county leaders helped break ground yesterday.

“We’re just hoping it kind of helps, you know, just cleans up the area, because the city has done such a great job with downtown,” J Pitts of Triton Performance Apparel told Alabama News Network. “So now I’m personally hoping with this project that it comes over the interstate, and the cleanliness of downtown and the economic prosperity it’s seeing, we’re kind of hoping it comes this way,” he said.

“As soon as we heard about the project, we immediately started looking at plans to reface our Maxwell building, move our office up there and have a showroom, simply because of all of the exposure it’s going to get us,” Leigh Denham of Southern Shutter Company said. “So in a sense, it’s going to make us clean our act up and we hope it becomes contagious all around Maxwell Boulevard,” he said.

Construction on the 120-acre complex started immediately after the groundbreaking. It is expected to be finished in 2023. Engineers say the plans will include business sites on Maxwell Boulevard.

The project will feature rafting, climbing areas, zip lines, ropes courses and hiking and mountain biking trails. The construction of the center is expected to employ 640 people and cost $39.8 million.


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