What the Tech? More Tech Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day is June 20, which is less than two weeks away. If you typically search last minute and settle on a gift card or whatever you can find at the store I’ll just let you know that dads love gadgets.

Most dads that is. If it plugs in, connects to his phone or runs on batteries you cannot go wrong.

Instead of something he’ll likely toss aside, I’ve rounded up 5 tech gadgets that’ll keep dad happy until next year.

If dad spends time driving to and from work, a dash cam makes a lot of sense. The NextBase dash cam has one camera pointed forward and another at what’s behind you. It’s always recording to an SD card. If something happens he’d like to save, he just has to put tap the screen.

Otherwise, the camera records over the boring stuff. It’s high definition and many insurance companies will accept dashcam footage when determining fault in an accident. When the car is parked, the NextBase 222x will start recording if the car is bumped.

The My Q smart garage door opener solves several problems. He’ll be able to control the garage door from anywhere through the app. Open it for someone who forgot their keys for example. It’ll fit and control most any belt-drive systems and is pretty easy to install.

It’s especially good for Amazon deliveries. Drivers can open the door when they arrive, drop off a package and close it behind them. These typically sell out on Amazon Prime Day and are only about $30.

If dad’s always using his phone’s torch as a flashlight there is a better and brighter way to illuminate things. The Bolder  flashlight is small, but powerful. Small enough for the glovebox or a bedside drawer. It’s pretty sturdy too, made of metal and able to withstand drops on the cement floor in the garage.

There are a couple of different settings to beam a wide light, or a spotlight. It’s the brightest flashlight I own and it’s water-resistant and rechargeable. It’s $30.

If dad spends hours at the computer desk, a pair of computer glasses make the screen easier on the eyes. These block the blue light which can make eyes tired after awhile.

And instead of using cables to keep his phone charged, the iottie wireless duo charging stand charges phones and Airpods. The fabric-covered high-speed charger doesn’t even look like a geeky gadget.

While it’s charging, the phone sits upright so he can see any notifications that come in. Wireless chargers are a great idea for his office or nightstand.

Dad doesn’t need to be a nerd to enjoy these gadgets. And they’re all cooler than a gift card.

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