City of Wetumpka in Phase 2 of Downtown Upgrade Project, Closes Company Street

The City of Wetumpka started phase 2 of its downtown upgrade project two months ago with the completion of sidewalks down Company and Hill street.

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It’s a three phase project and they’re in phase two of the project closing Company Street. Company Street is a one-way street detouring downtown traffic converting Hill Street, a one-way street to a two way street which will allows traffic to move though the downtown area.

The sidewalks to the businesses are open.

The second phase is a roundabout that they are installing at the intersection of Orline Company and Spring Street.

As part of that project they have update projects on their storm water infrastructure and updates to their water networks and sewer infrastructure.

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This is the second week that they’ve had Company Street shut down. This project is expected to take about 6 to 8 weeks for completion.

The project was planned between 2014 2015. Through the Montgomery metropolitan planning organization.

Phase three of the project Will be paving and landscaping down S. Main St. but won’t be as invasive to the businesses as phase 2 has been.

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